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Stunning New View of Cat’s Paw Stellar Kittens

It’s always a joy to see new views of the cosmos through a new telescope or instrument… and this is no exception — these are submillimeter-wavelength emissions from cool lanes of dust inside the Cat’s Paw Nebula, showing the locations of baby stars sparking to life. Read more about the new APEX instrument that is allowing astronomers to see deeper into the Cosmos than ever before.



Chasing Density with @vdubl

For more photos of Hong Kong’s towering architecture, be sure to follow @vdubl on Instagram.

Hong Kong-based architect Vivien Wei Wei Liu (@vdubl) loves building design and mobile photography—two passions that come together in a powerful way through her Instagram images. “The design of buildings in Hong Kong is based on spatial scarcity; a struggle to house as many people on the smallest site possible,” explains Vivien. “The notion of living closely has a different connotation in what is one of the densest places in the world.”

Through her smartphone, Vivien captures the seemingly endless repetition and colorful patterns found in many of the city’s residential towers and deep urban canyons, where light barely reaches the street level. “My goal is to immerse the viewer into the space in which the photo was taken,” Vivien says.

Vivien, who helped organize a recent Instameet in Hong Kong, is also fascinated with the city’s stunning skyline. “One of the unique characteristics of Hong Kong is that in less than 20 minutes from the city, one can be immersed in lush greenery while enjoying spectacular views that juxtapose nature and the dense urban fabric.”

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